Adventure Time Game!

Hey guys,
This is a game that I found on the internet today. I hope you love it and have a go. Well I will leave you to it. HAVE FUN! 
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Adventure Time Cakes!

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Hey guys Amy.C here,

Up above are some Adventure time cakes that I found on the internet. You have to admit that these cakes do look pretty cool. Comment below which cake you would rather like to have for your birthday cake. 🙂 I would love to have the last cake because I just love Jake the dog! 🙂


Adventure Time Dress Up!

Hey everyone,

This is a Adventure Time Dress up Game that I found on the internet:

It is pretty good! You all should have a go and try to dress every character in Adventure Time. There is a boy and a girl version of every character. At the start all of the clothes are boy style but all you have to do is click on one piece of the clothing and it will turn into a girl version. Hope you have fun! You can also press the space bar to change the colour of the characters skin.


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Adventure Time!

Hey Everyone!

Amy.C here. As you can tell I am a huge Adventure Time fan. Up above are some images of Adventure Time including Jake (the yellow dog), Finn (the dude with the green bag and white beanie), Lumpy Space Princess (the purple lumpy creature dancing with Jake and Finn), Princess Unicorn (the rainbow unicorn), Ice King (the dude with the white beard in the blue, Princess Bubble gum (the girl eith the pink hair and dress, BMO (the little computer game), Marceline (the vampire girl), and much more.


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